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Study in Germany and discover the city while studying at EU Business School Munich

EU Business School Munich Campus


Munich is a burgeoning economic powerhouse, where locals enjoy all the benefits of city life while living in one of Europe’s greenest cities. The population of almost 1.4 million people enjoy a high quality of life in the city, and Munich regularly tops opinion polls of the best places to live in Germany.

The balance between urban and open space is a defining feature of Munich, home to the EU Munich campus. In the city, EU students enjoy state-of-the-art learning facilities as they study, and a varied social life in their free time.

Oktoberfest is of course a huge event in the Munich social calendar, and the proximity of the EU Business School Munich campus to the festivities means that EU students get to experience the festival in a privileged and unique fashion. One should not be fooled into thinking that Munich is dominated by only one event – on the contrary, all year round citizens enjoy countless events.

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The EU Munich campus in Germany is located in the Theresienhöhe district. This young and vibrant area is expanding according to a strict urban development plan, and combines urban and green areas in an ideal ratio. The number of stunning parks and open spaces is a unique feature of the area and makes the perfect setting for sun-soaked picnics with new friends and fellow students.

The campus is in an exciting and active location, just seconds away from Theresienwiese where the world’s largest fair, Oktoberfest, is held. Each year more than six million people from all over make their way to Munich to enjoy Bavarian food, music and beer. In addition to Oktoberfest, Munich is a hive of activity with innumerable bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and performers. Some of the especially popular bars in Munich are Hofbräuhaus, Weisses Bräuhaus and The Clubhouse, among many, many others.

The speed at which the district is growing is reflective of the wider economic success of Munich; it is one of Germany’s fastest growing cities and plays host to numerous international companies.



Theresienhöhe 28
80339 Munich, Germany
T (+49) 89 5502 9595

Public Transportation in Munich

Public transportation in Munich combines an extensive network of tram lines, underground trains and bus lines, which allow EU Business School students to get where they need to go, quickly and conveniently.

The transportation system is renowned for punctuality and reliability, and there is just one ticket needed to use all lines. The type of ticket varies from a single-trip ticket to a monthly ticket, and can be purchased at any metro, bus or train station, as well as most bakeries close to the station.

The price of the ticket is dependent upon the distance and the areas which the user will travel. This way, people pay for exactly what they are using.

By Metro

From the Poccistraße metro-station, it’s only a short eight-minute walk along the edge of the Theresienwiese (where Oktoberfest takes place) to reach the campus. Alternatively, you can hop on the bus for one station to reach the Theresienhöhe station located right beside the campus.

By Tram

Residents of Munich take great pride in their tram network, which can be accessed throughout Munich at almost all hours of the day. The majority of trams are connected to the outer areas of the city, meaning that it is easy to access the wider metropolitan area with ease.

By Bus

The buses in Munich are well connected, speedy and cover a wide area. The closest bus stop to the EU Business School Munich campus is ‘Hans-Fischer-Straße’, where the 62 and 131 buses frequently stop.

By Train

The Munich-Central train station (Hauptbahnhof) is a 15-minute transit ride from campus, or a five-minute drive. From here, there are links to larger stations throughout Germany and Europe.


By Train

The S-Bahn lines (Suburban trains), S1 and S8, regularly depart from the airport station and can be taken directly to the city center, immediately connecting you to all other public transportation lines.

By Car

By car, it is a 34-minute drive from the airport to the EU Munich campus.

By Bus

The direct airport bus lines can be found at the central station and Schwabing-north. They depart regularly, bringing you from the city to the airport directly.