Dr. David Nganele

Munich Campus

David earned his bachelor's in biology in 1983 from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania. He later moved to New York where he earned his doctorate in Medical Physiology and Pharmacology at New York Medical College and also an MBA from Columbia University Business school. He joined Pfizer Pharmaceutical in the marketing department where he was a member of the team that launched the first drug in Pfizer’s history to accomplish yearly sales of a billion dollars. He later moved to San Francisco to immerse himself in the biotech industry. In 2010, he moved to Munich where he helped to help launch the pioneering field of biosimilars. His love of Germany kept him here where he eventually created and became the Managing Director of the German subsidiary of a US biotech company.

Dr. David Nganele

When my students walk up to me and tell me how they read on the news something that we had discussed in class, I know that we are doing our job of preparing them for the real world.

Dr. David Nganele