Dr. Tugcan Sahin

Strategic Management Lecturer
Munich Campus

Dr. Tugcan Sahin has over 15 years’ of professional experience at the international level. He is known for his work in strategic planning and consultancy in the energy domain, and for his research on customer behavior and perceived value. He has supported an array of international projects to enable the global energy transition, lower emissions and enable EV adoption. 

Dr. Sahin’s interdisciplinary teaching approach is informed by his career expertise in the areas of sales, engineering, project management and consulting. He holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (Economics, Electrical Engineering & Business) from the University of New Brunswick, an executive MBA from the Technical University of Munich and a BSc in Engineering from the University of Cooperative Education Mannheim.

Dr. Tugcan Sahin

Continuous learning and critical reflection is key in an ever-changing environment.

Dr. Tugcan Sahin