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Anthony Lawson

Dean of Professional Accreditations at EU and lecturer, Christine Clarke is an entrepreneur and self-starter, evidenced by her own language and communications businesses here in Barcelona. She has taught and coordinated courses that include sales and purchasing, management, strategy, entrepreneurship and specialist English. Clarke’s relationship with EU dates back to 1995, when she was invited to deliver a course: Professional Communications Dynamics. This course title is apt; Clarke, responsible for professional accreditations and a management lecturer at EU Barcelona, is an excellent communicator and educator. Prior to her career with EU, Christine acquired a PGCE (a master’s equivalent of the teaching qualification) and a BBA in modern languages and political studies. Her impressive academic portfolio, combined with over 30 years of teaching experience, makes Clarke a lecturer who brings together the best of practical experience and academic theory.

Henry Negreira

I love working with our faculty - they are so enthusiastic, full of ideas and their input and feedback is invaluable to EU's focus on
continuous improvement.

Christine Clarke
Dean of Professional Accreditations
Management Lecturer
Barcelona Campus