Miguel Sánchez Araujo

Miguel Sánchez Araujo is a civil engineer and lecturer, holding master’s degrees in both project management and environmental quality from Ramon Llull University. He has over fifteen years’ experience in the implementation of quality systems, specializing in environmental and general project management.

Miguel’s capacity for teamwork and leadership have permitted him to flourish within his professional career in both the environmental and educational sectors. Responsible and proactive, his ability to analyze and resolve conflicts is a valuable asset both as a manager and teacher. An example to students, Miguel takes a dynamic approach to his own learning, continuing to develop his knowledge of quality control and project management. He aspires to be a mentor for all of his students, assisting them in exploring their potential.

Miguel Sánchez

In the 21st century, the task of the teacher must be to help their students develop their full potential through constant mentoring.


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