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Or Sela

Or Sela was born and raised in a small village, where he developed a passion for basketball at the age of six. After finishing high school, he joined the professional basketball league as point guard, providing Sela with a strong appreciation of teamwork and dedication. Having served as an assistant accountant in the military and finding the topics of finance and management to be challenging and interesting, Sela decided to study business administration after his eight years of professional basketball had concluded. After completing his bachelor’s degree and gaining some working experience, Sela decided to move to Berlin to do a master's degree. Upon graduating, he received a job offer from Microsoft and moved to Munich, where he still works to this day.

Sela started teaching at EU Business School in October 2014 and specializes in the areas of sports management for our MBA students.

Or Sela

I believe a person should give 100% in everything he/she does. Once you do, good things will happen.

Or Sela

Sports Management Lecturer
Munich campus